Guess Drake didn’t know it was cool to like art now a days, The Guardian named Jay Z one of the Influential People in the Art World over fellow art lovers Pharrell and Swizz Beatz. This past summer Jay released his Piacaso baby video where he becomes his own art exhibit in a museum with fans, his peers and some famous artist. As we all know Mr. Carter loves to rap about his art collection every chance he gets, and well he really know whats he’s talking about ladies and gents. Hov’s art collection is quite impressive and the art world recognizes it. Read the blurb below about Jigga.

In one video he rapped in front of a Takashi Murakami painting and a sculpture of Tim Noble and Sue Webster (featuring a flashing dollar sign). His Picasso Baby, filmed in Pace Gallery and featuring too many curators and artists to count, was not the art world’s finest seven minutes

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