After providing thug motivation for almost two decades, Jeezy is closing the book on his illustrious rap career.

Today The Snowman took to Twitter to announce his ninth and final album, ‘TM:104 Trust Ya Process.’

Details about the album are sarce for now, but TM:104 will be available to pre-order soon on Jeezy’s online store, where he’s currently selling TM104 merch. This also explains the #TrustYaProcess hashtag and sentimental messages Jeezy has been posting on social media lately.

TM:104 Trust Ya Process will serve as the follow-up to last year’s Pressure, and the fourth installment in Jeezy’s flagship series that began with his 2005 breakout debut album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

I remember when Jeezy first burst on to the music scene he always said he’s not a rapper, he’s a thug motivator and a business man. So maybe now he’s transitioning to focus more on the business side of his career. Jeezy has literally lived a trappers dream and survived, if this is his last album I’m sure whatever he has planned next will be huge. But also lets. not get ahead of ourselves I mean Lloyd Banks just retired and un-retired in 24-hours. So lets just wait and see with this one. Thug Motivation 104: Trust Ya Process will be available everywhere sometime later this year.