At 45 years young Jennifer Lopez is still at the top of her game from being a young fly girl on comedy show ‘In Living Color’ in the early 90’s to now being triple threat mega star, and if you aren’t up on the slang kids are saying these days she can add MILF to list.
As of late MILF’s are in style now with Kim K breaking the Internet and Amber Rose recently giving us an eye full via her Instagram, everyone has been talking about these hot mamas. Today J. Lo’s photos have surfaced from her recent Complex magazine photo shoot and interview. In the interview she talks about motherhood, still being sexy at 45 and her up coming film “Boy Next Door.”

As a mother and someone who’s been through divorce, you have things in common with your character in The Boy Next Door. What was the biggest challenge with this role?

The role itself is just every woman. She’s a relatable character. She’s at a bad point in her life. Obviously, we’ve all had moments like that where our relationship is falling apart, you’re at the verge of divorce, and your life is changing. And you’re feeling vulnerable and unwanted and in need of some validation. I mean, it’s always challenging, any role you take on. But it’s funny, the [roles] that seem closest to you sometimes are more challenging, because it’s not you.

The stereotype is that women are more emotional than men. In the movie, it’s the guy who’s unhinged by the relationship ending. Have you found men are as emotional as women in that regard?

That goes both ways. Women are known to be more emotional and needy or clingy, but that type of obsession is in both men and women. It’s not gender specific. It’s one of those things where your feelings for someone overtake you and you can’t control yourself—in this case, to the highest extreme. But all of us have felt a little bit of that at some point in our life, for sure.

What’s it like being middle-aged in Hollywood? Is it a struggle to get non-mom roles?

It’s not like that anymore. Look at all the actresses who are working. I remember a couple of years back every actress on the cover of the September issues was over 40, because each one of them had a big film coming out. It was me, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston. That was a defining moment. The world has changed. Women maintain themselves. We live in a different time.

So, do you feel good about getting older?

I feel great about being able to do everything that I did in my 20s better now. That’s what happens as you mature, you get better. You have more experience. And I’m proud of that. That other rhetoric, like the fairy tale rhetoric, in your mind can defeat you. And this generation of women said, “No. We have a lot to offer.” Probably more than we ever have. And it’s great for girls that are young right now to go, “I have time.” It’s a long road. And for me, I feel like mine has just begun.