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Jet Blue Is Flying Out New York Pizza to LA, and For a Pretty Low Price


Its a well-known fact that New York City has the best Pizza, and Jet Blue is doing what it takes to make sure more people know. The airline company is flying out slices from East Harlem’s legendary Patsy’s to select areas in L.A. Here’s some more info from courtesy of Denise Garcia:

The JetBlue Pie in the Sky initiative doubles as a shameless plug to promote its coast-to-coast flight services, as it takes a stab at experiential marketing, a trend that’s been gaining momentum with millennials.

This makes total sense, given that consumers are valuing “experiences over things that bring happiness and well-being,” according to reports by research firm Euromonitor, which predicts that experiences such as “travel, leisure, and foodservice” will rise to $8 trillion by 2030.

As an added bonus the company recruited Academy Award-winning director Spike Lee for its promotional video, where he shows Angelenos how to really dig into New York pizza.

The move appears to be doing the trick. Shortly after going live Wednesday the New York-based company tweeted that 1,500 people were “vying” for the pies. But despite demand, the partnership is limited to selling 350 pizzas daily from May 9th to May 11th.

Similarly, JetBlue might see a surge in customers following the promotion. Marketing agency Factory 360 says that 65 percent of brands see a direct link between sales and experiential marketing campaigns. The same report noted that companies could also see up to 20 times their investment when running these types of campaigns.

For what it’s worth, one-way flights from L.A. start at $249 on JetBlue, so buying authentic $12 cheese and $15 pepperoni pies might be worth the shot. The airline says it’ll get the tip, too.

Customers can submit orders starting at 12am PDT and can expect their deliveries between 7pm PDT and 10pm PDT. JetBlue promises that the pizzas will arrive “hot and ready to eat.”

Denise Garcia is a freelance Journalist from New York City. Follow her on Twitter.