Jineea Butler calls on Hip Hop Legends to help start a new political party.

It looks like Hip Hop is making it’s way into New York politics in a major way — According to the NY Daily News, Jineea Butler will be leading this movement, called the New American Party. She is the founder of the Hip Hop Union and Republican candidate in New York City’s 13th Congressional District for the state’s election this fall.

Butler has been in talks with New York rap icons Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J to represent the New American Party and run for the state’s governor’s office. However, neither rapper has committed for the campaign run, nor have commented at press time about doing so.

She explained her initiative to establish the new party on the ballot, and why she wants either rapper to run for office. “We’re looking for somebody that can energize the vote so we can clear the 50,000 votes (needed to secure a guaranteed ballot line the next four years) and someone who resonates with millennials and young folks,” Butler said. The impetus for the new party is similar to Hip Hop’s creation four decades ago. “We’re juggling a bunch of candidates we can look at from the Hip Hop community,” Butler said. “Hip Hop changed the world 40, 45 years ago when it started. It just gave people an absolute freedom of speech. We want to use that same principle with a strong agenda that addresses economic disparity and prosperity-driven initiatives.” Butler also detailed why this party is necessary for the political and racial divide as a whole in the country. “This would work right now in America,” Butler said. “America needs something else. We’re fighting against each other. We’ve come too far in this country to go back to racism. Hip Hop brought people together.”

Eric Barrier, better known to the masses as one-half of the legendary Hip Hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, is also teaming up with Butler to create the new party.

Butler further discussed why blacks need to exercise their right to vote more than ever in the current political climate. “The African-American community, we want to leverage our vote. Right now, we’re just being abused.”

She also echoed some of the same sentiments as Chance the Rapper where she wants the black community to stop thinking only the Democratic Party is for them. Brien Murray, an African-American corporate lawyer, and the campaign consultant doubles down on Butler’s claims.

“For our campaign to have the opportunity to participate in a line that reaches out to the African-American community would be welcome,” Murray said. “The added benefit of the ability to deliver a message from leaders in the hip-hop community to voters who have been taken for granted by the Democratic party would only add to their strength and importance.”