Justin Timberlake and his new album ‘Man of the Woods,’ are the latest topic for our new FKB Music Debate featuring special guests Ravie B. (Photographer), Kam (Founder of Dussepalooza & The TNTH) and our friend of the show Stephyn Green of the Nana Castro Show. JT’s new album is in stores now and available across all streaming platforms. Of course anytime he has a new project there is always high anticipation surrounding it. A Justin Timberlake project will just always get analyzed under a magnifying glass even before it hits shelves. To kick things off, we got right to the point and discussed his roll out, what was the meaning behind the Man of the Woods photoshoot theme exactly? If working so closely with Country star Chris Stapleton meant he was stepping away from his traditional R&B/Funk sound and more.

Now of course how can you assume what a album will sound like based just off the interviews and a photo shoot, but this is a debate show so we had to discuss what our thoughts were, right? Taurian and Stephyn found themselves at odds with Ravie B. and Regg over the direction that the album might take, while Kam had noble words of optimism for what JT might do. We split the debate into two parts. Watch both below, and feel free to share your thoughts and let us know what you think JT is going for on this album.