Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Today the New England Patriots take on The Philadelphia Eagles for all the marbles. The man with half-time entertainment duties is none other than pop megastar¬†Justin Timberlake and we had a few things to discuss surrounding his performance. With special guest Kameron “Kam” Mccollough (Founder and CEO of Dussepalooza & The TNTH), Raven “Ravie B. Varona (photographer) and friend of the show Stephyn Green (Nana Castro Show) we discussed everything surrounding JT’s return to the “scene of the crime” the Super Bowl Halftime Show. If you remember 14 years ago, JT was Janet Jackson’s special guest during her Super Bowl XXXVIII performance where the infamous “Nipplegate” scandal happened.

Many felt Justin pretty much abandoned Janet to handle most of the blame becoming blacklisted and gaining high criticism from pretty much every major news publication and outlet there is. Now some may disagree that he left Ms. Jackson to hang out to dry, but no one could’t help but raise an eyebrow at the fact that Justin was invited back to perform while Jackson remained black balled from the show (allegedly). So we did what we always do and debated the subject to get some clarity on if Justin got a “pass” or if time just healed all wounds. Watch our latest debate below and see for yourselves.