Kanye West is on an apology tour right now, mending fences with some of his day one friends, going back home to Chicago and stopping by his home town radio station Power 92 Chicago for a hour-long conversation about everything.

This hour-long interview comes right after Kanye sat down with Chicago’s 107.5 Morning Show to talk about Trump and apologize for his slavery comments. He talks about that conversation with Power 92, and expands more on where he thinks the original slavery comments came from. “I think in that moment, I believe a spirit was speaking through me, to me, because I even [been] in situations where I choose to be enslaved,” he said around the 9-minute mark. “I choose to wade in the water as certain Negro spirituals would basically tell us, to stay in this place and it be okay. … I ain’t wading. I’m not wading at all. I don’t wait, wade, whatever version of it.”

Kanye spoke about multiple subjects ranging from his relationship with Drake, Jay-Z, running for President, working with Chance The Rapper and more. Towards the end of the interview Ye goes on to praise 6ix9ine and Lil Pump as his new favorite artist.