Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour in Sacramento on Saturday night, might be one of his most memorable moments and one he might regret in the very near future.

Last night (11/19) Ye surprised his Sacramento fans by bringing out his good friend Kid Cudi to perform along side him. This was the first show since Kanye admitted that he didn’t vote in the election earlier this month, but that if he had, he would have voted for Donald Trump.

Even though the show started almost an hour late,it seemed that would be possibly be Kanye’s best show of the Saint Pablo tour. Once the fans realized Kid Cudi was on the floating stage, the entire crowd went into a frenzy. This move by Yeezus was very meaningful especially because if you remember, Ye and Cudi had some public issues after Cudi sent out some tweets and mentioned Ye’s name. Kanye later called out Cudi during a concert, stating that he birthed Cudi, but after if was announced that Cudi was checking into rehab, Ye later changed his stance on the matter when he declared Cudi is the most influential artist of the past decade, sending out the olive branch.

After that things got weird, even for Kanye, Kanye went on another long rant which is usually fine but he after only 3 songs he said “The shows over” and dropped the mic. During tonight’s speech or rant rather, Kanye brought up his relationship with his once idol and mentor Jay Z, which hasn’t been as tight as it was a few years ago. Ye went on to reveal that they still haven’t talked on the phone and then Kanye committed the cardinal sin in most Bey hive members eyes, he mentioned Beyoncé, claiming that she was going to refuse to perform at the MTV VMAs if she didn’t win the award for “Video of the Year.”

“Fuck Kanye” chants reportedly broke out after he ended the show early, and rightfully so, those tickets are $300 A pop. Immediately after fans began tweeting what just happened in disbelief. It looks like Kanye isn’t listening to the kids anymore. These past to odd outbursts by Kanye are flat out weird even for him and it makes me think back to the tweets his longtime friend and collaborator Rhymefest made a months back about leaving Ye’s camp and stating his friend needed help. Rhymefest obviously saw something either many didn’t or just didn’t address but it is definitely becoming apparent to everyone. You can check out some of the tweets and watch rant below.

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