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Kehlani Has Been Hospitalized Following Suicide Attempt


If you avoided the online drama yesterday that involved Kehlani, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Kyrie Irving, unfortunately it took a deeply sad turn. 

To recap, It all started after PARTY put up an IG post that showed him in bed again with his on/off and apparently on again girlfriend Kehlani. Social media was set ablaze, considering she’d been in a relationship with NBA player Kyrie Irving for sometime now. And so Kehlani’s name was dragged for being a disloyal cheater throughout the entire day, but it was reported earlier this morning that the singer actually attempted to take her life following yesterday’s events.

She took to Instagram to confirm the reports with a post that’s since been deleted, and thanks PARTY for saving her life. 

Living out your life in the social media age, especially when you’re a celebrity has to be challenging. Outsiders have this image of how celebs live their lives and don’t take into consideration that every mistake they’re making is under a microscope. Our prayers are with her and her family.