Saturday morning (6/3), the media sites and twitter were in an uproar when the latest episode of Bill Maher’s latest episode of Real Time aired.

During a Friday night interview with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, Sasse invited Maher to Nebraska to “help in the fields”. Maher responded “I’m a house nigga” Now obviously that quote from Maher hit a cord with many and they all rightfully decided to drag the legendary comedian.

With that many took to social media to urge rapper/activist Killer Mike to put Maher in his place. The Atlanta Rapper has been on Maher’s show a few times and has a relationship with the comedian.

Mike went on to point out that Maher is protected by the First Amendment right to free speech, Maher should be responsible for his own words and actions, and that there are larger issues than a how comedian uses a racial epithet or if said comedian should even use the epithet at all.

As it related to Maher’s comments within the perceived list of issues plaguing the black community, Mike told one user, “black [sic] have BIGGER things than NIGGER to concern our selves with: Black Banks, Gentrification, Economics & Trade Education. Love, My Nigga.”