In the latest installment of Off The Record, Mass Appeal sit down with Large Professor to reflect on the making of Nas’ classic track “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.” Large Pro remeniseces on how the blend culture in Queens sparked the idea, how Nas being on the same label as Michael Jackson (Sony) helped them clear the sample, and his approach to remixing his own beat.

Above all else, Extra P and Nasty Nas were operating with a true N.Y. state of mind. “We were heavy New York, so we weren’t thinking about the globe and, like, ‘Yo, what do they want in Paris?’ We was just like, ‘Yo, we do what we do and we put it down,’” he says. “We’re just thankful that the world received it and loved I.” The story behind the classic is truly impressive especially that R&B group SWV was also using the sample as well. The build up to Illmatic was insane at the time and build up to crafting the classic album is definitly a pleasant hip hop story.