Philly rapper Lil Dicky celebrates his birthday with the release of his new single, “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown.

The fun and hilarious record arrives with a new video as well, a visual Dicky recently described as the “best music video ever.” Dicky who has made a name for himself with his creative visuals, doesn’t disappoint as its inspired by the classic film Freaky Friday. In it, Dicky and Breezy switches bodies and lifestyles.

“I pride myself in, hopefully, being funny. So, I thought, what’s a really funny concept? And I had seen the movie Freaky Friday, obviously it’s a childhood classic. And I always thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to switch bodies with somebody in music? Like, I’ve never really seen that happen,” says Dicky about the video, which also features cameos by Ed Sheeran, Kendall Jenner and DJ Khaled.