A new track from Lil Uzi Vert leaked onto the web two days ago. The track is titled “Live It Up (Countin’ Money)” and is produced by FKi. The song doesn’t need much depth of an explaination, just look at the titled.

“I ain’t really interested in her, if she ain’t tryna let me fuck/Swerving in a new Bentley, ridin’ ’round with a million bucks/I know haters I got plenty, but I don’t give a million fucks/Walk around I could see, dozing off of a million drugs/Hit, your ass just with the snow/Hang with the drug dealers and the thugs,” Uzi raps. No word on if the mastered version will .

Uzi recently announced he made a new project with producer Wheezy in “12 hours.” The Philly native also linked with producers TM88 and Southside for a new track titled “Mood,” which was released last week.

Earlier this week it was revealed by TM88 that he still hasn’t been paid for “XO Tour Llif3.”