Lil Wayne keeps dropping hints that he has a new deal with his rap idol Jay Z at his shows.

In the most recent video, he switches up his popular YMCMB moniker to represent his split from Birdman and Cash Money and to reflect the new allegiances made.

“When you see me, it’s YMROC,” he says onstage before holding up the Roc-A-Fella diamond. At the Camp Flog Gnaw festival in November, Wayne again threw up the Roc, saying onstage, “I’m a motherfucking Roc-A-Fella millionaire,” during a performance of “Cash Money Millionaire.” Also while performing at KMEL Summer Jam in Oakland last year, Weezy stated, “I just signed a deal with my motherfucking idol Jay Z.” His manager Cortez later clarified that the rapper was referring to an artist owner deal with Tidal, the streaming service that released his Free Weezy Album in 2015. Although union has been denied numerous times it’s hard to believe this isn’t going to happen. Wayne’s unhappiness with the only music he’s ever known his whole career could mean he’ll switch up and sign with his childhood idol.