Last week in HipHopsnce1987 caught up with Loaded Lux in Austin,TX during the SXSW music festival to talk at length about his up and coming rematch with rival and fellow harlem native Murda Mook.

“We’re rekindling this old flame,” Loaded Lux says. “This is my first rematch ever, man, [and] it’s gonna be against Murda Mook. I believe in my heart of hearts, one of my most formidable opponents that I’ve ever faced in the ring. [He’s] also one of the predecessors, if you ask me, to the new age of doing things. So this is gonna be one for the ages, one for the books. Just for me, in terms of just getting to another level with myself, I gotta keep challenging myself.”

The battle is being sponsored by Shady Records,it’s called “The Road To Total Slaughter” it will be based around a reality show setting consisting eight rappers in a bracketed tournament that leads up to Loaded Lux and Murda Mook’s headline matchup at the Total Slaughter event.

In the clip below Lux talk’s about the art of battling, his longevity in the industry, his relationship with Mook and much more. Check it out below: