A new Logic project is headed our way!

B-More native Logic is one of raps most creative artist with great concept albums. After dropping multiple singles last month, he hit up YouTube on Wednesday to announce the release of his much-anticipated mixtape Bobby Tarantino II. And like the forward thinking entertainer he is, the MC enlisted two of his favorite animated characters to help break the news.

As you can see in the promo above, Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty are seen engaging in a mild but hilarious debate about Logic’s discography. Morty asks his grandpa if he would be willing to listen to Logic’s music during their travels; however, Rick presses Morty to be more specific.

“Which Logic are we talking about here?,” Rick asks. “Are we talking about mixtape Logic or album Logic?”

When Morty insists both are the same, Rick schools his grandson about the difference—indirectly giving fans an idea of what Bobby Tarantino II will deliver.

“I’m in the mood to turn some shit up, Morty. I’m not in the mood for a message about how I can be whatever I want or equality and everybody and all that shit, alright? I want to hear some fucking titties, throwing stacks on some ass! Just some good ol’ fucking ATL style club rap.”

Logic, who wrote the promo, has been one of Rick and Morty’s most prominent fans. In 2017, the rapper actually made a cameo on the animated series, where he delivered an animated rap. You can check it out below and stay tuned for Bobby Tarantino II.