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Microsoft terminates support for Windows XP



Windows XP is the most secure and highly favored operating system to come out….until today. Microsoft has officially ceased support for Windows XP and may create a serious issue for some. With users already using Windows 7 & Windows 8, most consumers and businesses are still using XP and security is the biggest concern. Even with technical issues and software updates, machines will be defenseless unless they upgrade their systems.

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, says “that without patches to fix bugs in the software XP PCs will be prone to freezing up and crashing, while the absence of updated security related protections make the computers susceptible to hackers.” “What once was considered low-hanging fruit by hackers now has a big neon bull’s eye on it,” says Patrick Thomas, a security consultant at the San Jose, Calif.-based firm Neohapsis.

Since the release of Windows 8, users have been complaining of the new Metro GUI and the complications of use it brings. Backing up massive amounts of data storage only to restore has become a hindrance that many try to avoid. Having to buy an external drives, new operating systems and possible even hardware upgrade turn users off hence them keeping Windows XP for so long. But for a more secure system and peace of mind I’d rather spend the money. One gentlmen even went as far as saying, that since his computer is currently on its last legs, he’s going to cross his fingers and hope for the best until it finally dies.

“I am worried about security threats, but I’d rather have my identity stolen than put up with Windows 8,” he says.

That is pretty strong.

As a PC builder let me give you a breakdown of what it would cost to upgrade. If you are running XP chances are the machine is 9-12 years old, although they’re are exceptions.


Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium cost around $99 and Windows 8.1 32-bit  cost about $119. Very reasonable to bring your system up to date. The problem comes hardware. The average doesn’t upgrade their machines, but rather replace it entirely. So for those that want to hold on to that Compaq Presario, memory and hard drives have to be purchased. Windows 7 requires 1GB Ram to run 7 32-bit (2GB for 64bit) & Windows 8 requires the same. You need about 16GB to 20GB of hard drive space to install the upgrades.

With new machines already containing 500GB -1TB hard drives, it sounds silly. But 12 years ago a 80GB was more than enough, and pictures and movies taking up space it fills up rather quickly. Another issue are processors, where Windows  7 & 8 require 1ghz cpus. If your machine has a Pentium 4 and up you should be fine otherwise, your machine will run as slow as possible or may not even work. Anyone can install a hard drive or stick of ram, processor requires some finesse and may even call for a new motherboard. So it get’s complicated if you’re not already familiar.

Before this post gets too technical, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a new operating system or treat yourself to a new computer. But don’t forget to backup all of your pictures, videos and information on an external drive or usb drive.

If you would like more information, please feel free to ask me about upgrade information, computer building or new PC purchasing. Otherwise check the Microsoft website to find out more. Microsoft Windows XP, End of Support