Migos new album CULTURE 2 is available everywhere and while in NYC for the 60th annual Grammy awards, they stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about their new project.

During the interview they spoke about the process of making album, their humble beginnings, why them sticking together is so important and why they feel they are the pluse of the culture in hip hop right now. Quavo also went on to speak about Jay-Z and New York rappers being a huge influence on him and how Kanye teaching him some producing techniques made him a better producer. Charlemagne put Offset in the hot seat when asking him to address the rumors of him cheating on Cardi B and the back lash he received for using the word “Queer” in his raps, and he quickly was able to evade both questions in a surprisingly professional way. When things got to the relatively quiet Takeoff, they spoke on how CULTURE 2 was his coming out party in a sense because he had some of the best verses on the album. We also have their interview with Big Boi’s neighborhood and also spoke on the process of making the album and why they think they are the Greatest group EVER.  Watch both full interviews below.