May 23rd, comic book fans everywhere will rejoice, with second movie trailer for X-Men lets us know the blockbuster film is on the way. Past and present day versions of Magneto and Professor X are the main characters of the story-line, mutant favorites like Wolverine, Storm, Mystique, Beast and in the clip you also see cameos of Ice-man, Colossus, Rouge, Bishop, Kity Pride and a host of others are present in the action-packed visual. The film is based off the top selling comic book series of the same name, which follows a dystopian world in which mutants are near extinction due to an ongoing war with humans. Brayn Singer returns as the director of the film he has directed three films for the franchise already ( X-Men, X2 and X-Men: First Class). It has already been confirmed Singer will also direct the follow up to the next film titled X-Men: Apocalypse. Reports say “The film is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2016, and will act as a sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past”. According to Singer, the film will focus the origin of the mutants, it will be “more of a X-Men: First Class sequel” and that it will take place in the 80s.

Watch the movie trailer below for X-Men: Days of Future Past: