ith the release of the new iOS devices the question of “Do I Buy” comes to mind. With a new release comes a promise in upgrade and innovation but is it really worth it? I’d like to give my opinion as to what your decision should be.

Besides the thinner and lighter structure, the iPad Air could be a “definite” upgrade for the iPad 1-4 user. Included is the new A7 chip & M7 coprocessor that the iPhone 5s is currently running. And let me tell you, performance and responsiveness is noticeable. With the promise of the 64-bit processing speed, in reality real 64-bit performance doesn’t take affect until after 4GB of RAM is installed. But the bump in speed and multitasking is very much appreciated.

All in all it has all the same bells and whistles as it’s smaller counterpart (iPhone 5s) including the camera. So far all those photogs that walk around with the 9.7 device taking pictures, you’ll appreciate it more. Also new and late to the party is the upgrade capacity up to 128GB! This in my opinion will work for photographers that use their devices as portfolios. The new iPad Mini shares the same specs as well so if 9.7in screen isn’t for you, you’re covered. ipadmini

Both iPad’s will be available on November 1st, 2013 at APPLE, INC.

iPad Air – starting at $499 wifi/$629 LTE

iPad Mini – starting at $399 wifi/ $529 LTE