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New Music: Anik Khan “Cleopatra”


Queens rapper and Bengali representative Anik Khan has been having quite the year thus far. Not only has the Brown Excellence frontman been hard at work with hit after hit but he’s also received two major co-signs from the likes of Ebro from Hot 97 & Beats1 and also the living legend Elton John…yeah, this kid is onto something. Ebro is Anik’s biggest advocate at the moment, constantly giving the younger rapper praise on his music and vision. And why not? Anik Khan truly is providing us with something completely fresh and something we’ve never heard before. It’s only a matter of time until everyone wants to be a part of Mashallah Mafia.

This past summer Anik Khan premiered his single “Renegade” on Beats1 with Ebro. A couple of weeks back Anik sat down with Ebro for a full interview, which you can listen to here and premiered a snippet of his new single “Cleopatra.” Today, Anik releases the song in its entire, which is produced by Anik and Melo-X. The song features some familiar samples, one being A.R. Rahman — a Bollywood composer who worked on Slumdog Millionaire among dozens of other films and another from Craig David’s 2000 hit “Fill Me In.” Anik Khan is currently working on his 2nd project and is aiming to release sometime before the year is out or at the top of the year. Listen to his new single “Cleopatra” below.