Today Gregory Stutzer from music collective The.Wav shares his latest and most personal single to date “Let Go” with us. The song focuses on the death of his best friend Mike Bledsoe, who took his own life in June of 2013.

With the release of the new single, Gregory also made an appearance on The Jake Show today where he speaks on mental illness, and further elaborates on the impact his friend’s death had on his life.

Greg is half black and half white, born in Tanzania, and grew up in Kansas City. In the interview he delves into how this effected him growing up, and the importance of expressing himself through music.

“I am in this phase where I’m analyzing myself and writing about it, I’m just trying to be honest. It’s not always pretty. But it is therapeutic.”

Greg was also interviewed by Jonathan Singletary for Read it here, and listen to “Let Go” below.