Was Joe Budden right?! We all thought he was paranoid and over analyzing his whole angle of thinking Drake was taking shots at him. But tonight Drake took the bait and actually responded. Mind you this verse for “No Shopping,” by Drizzy was recorded months ago but still what are the odds, right? French Montana played a snippet of the track weeks ago, with the 6 God starting his verse off rapping Joey’s famous “Pump it up” hook. Joe has already let it be known he has 5 or 6 responses ready and waiting just in case Drake gets froggy.

To add fuel to the fire the single’s cover is an image of a inferno with smoke blowing from the building that Drake sits atop on his Views album cover. And the track samples Drake’s “The Resistance” off his debut album Thank Me Later. It flips Drake’s sung chorus. Listen to “Afraid” below.