Juke Ross is the first Guyanese artist to sign a major record deal, and today he shares his new powerful single “Shadows In The Dark.”

The song is produced by Guy Furious featuring Juke Ross’s powerful vocals.“There’s little exciting about leaving the people or place you love in search of the unknown with nothing but a hungry heart,” Ross explains. “Luckily I had a few supporters back home, found more support in Atlanta and then later here in New York with Republic. Besides all the catching up and new experiences I’d say it’s mostly been great—very far from anything I would’ve been doing at home either way so that keeps me kicking on.”

“‘Shadows in the Dark’ is about a lingering sadness fueled by loss,” Ross says. “A realization of not only loss, but despair, and for a second surrendering. Surrendering to be saved by what’s lost. I just wanted to write a song that would make me feel less sad. There’s no way I could’ve felt immediately happy and so less sad would have to do.”

Hear “Shadows in the Dark” below.