With the announcement just a few days ago from Mrs.Kim Kardashian West mentioning that Kanye was putting the final mastering touches to ‘The Life of Pablo’, we’re still left wondering when is this album going to be done? Even though we all own at this point we’re still wondering whats next. Going back to the drawing board seems to be the norm for Kanye right now as earlier today, he took to Twitter to announce that he was,”Fixing Wolves“.

Last year when Kanye West performed ‘Wolves’ for the first time on Saturday Night Lives 40th Anniversary show, it was set to be one of the most anticipated tracks from the long-awaited album. Now that the album is here and we’ve already heard two different versions. One version that featured Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw and the second version that features Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, Caroline Shaw, and Sia. Theres also a version flouting around that features Drake and Björk that still hasn’t been heard. Now the updated version that Kanye just released on TIDAL features Vic Mensa and Sia with a new verse and some extra background vocals along with some ad-libs. Listen to ‘Wolves (Updated Version)’ below.

Album Review: The Life of Pablo