Today marks as one of the saddest days in Hip-Hop history. On this day, March 9th 1997 we lost one of the greatest rappers ever, The Notorious B.I.G. But since his passing all we have done was celebrate his legacy and today doesnt change that at all.

Being that Metro Boomin is one of the biggest music producers in the game right now. Mick and Chi Duly take the young producers hit beats and mixes them over some of the most classic Biggie lyrics. Which leaves the question, if Biggie was still around would he go off on this type of production? but the question has always laid that if he was still around would even trap music be around? None knows.

Who would have ever thought to have Biggie rapping over Future’s “Stick Talk” instrumental? It’s kind of genius. “We thought it would be cool to remix Biggie with a very contemporary vibe and kind of trap him out a little bit,” Mick mentioned. “We wanted to introduce him to a new audience so they can appreciate his genius, too.” If nothing else, this mix should definitely bring attention to Biggie from a younger generation that may have not had the inspiration to listen to him before. Of course, we would recommend that they go back and listen to his actual classics, rather than just this mix over the Metro beats.

Listen to Ready To Boom below.