Last week Young Dolph made headlines recently when his SUV was shot at in Charlotte and escaped unscathed.

The thing that made the story intriging is that the truck was reportedly fired at a whopping 100 times. Now the Memphis rapper is proving he’s hip-hop’s Luke Cage with a new project called ‘Bulletproof.’

According to the project’s press release, it will celebrate Young Dolph’s “armor plating” so to speak, while “firing back at his haters with high-caliber bars.” Dolph reportedly escaped the shooting after he spent $600,000 armoring his car. “Everything about the album is a middle finger to his opponents, down to the tracklist itself,” the release says. Each song addresses the shooter who tried to end his life and his detractors.

Listen to the first track ff the project below featuring Gucci mane “That’s How I Feel.”