Pardison Fontaine is ringing off in clubs and has been doing so since 2015 when his track “Bobby Brown,” droped. Since then the Newburgh, New York native has been building a nice steady buzz for himself over the past year, enspecially after dropping his ‘Not Supposed To Be Here’ mixtape. He’ll be dropping a 8-song EP called ‘Not There Yet,’ some time soon and is gaining traction off its lead single “Whoaa” thats been co-signed by Fabolous & Busta Rhymes.

Recently Pardi dropped a new track titled “In The Field,” along with visuals for it. Here’s what the NY rapper had to say to HNHH about the premiere:

“I felt like I needed a song as hard as the times is so I wrote about how I was feeling .. my current situation me … right now … I kept it real I was honest … And I know more people that are in my current situation than any other one … and nobody speaks on it .. so I had to give em my pain show them where my hunger comes from .. this is probably the over all tone where I’m from .. every body here got some shit they trying to figure out .. some hustle they trying to get goin … that’s the field .. where ever you grinding at …”

Watch a day in the life of Pardison in this Itchy House Films-directed clip above.