A sad day for artistry. Last night, hip hop graffiti staple 5 Pointz was painted over white. Cleansing the building of years of artwork displayed for New Yorkers and tourists alike to see. Days prior, supporters were on hand to stop the paint job from taking place. 5 Pointz curator Meres One was refused the grant of an injunction that would’ve stopped the demolition.

The building was first established in 1993 to discourage graffiti vandalism by encouraging artists to display their work in a formal outdoor showcase. Located in Long Island City, Queens, the establishment was often the highlight of many 7 train rides swooping around the building. Owners of the building Jerry Wolkoff and his son David are planning to redevelop the property into two residential towers. Take a look at some of the art displayed over the years below.

4911051791_54ed7d6681 800px-View_of_5_Pointz,_January_20,_2013 5pointz57 5pointz04ED 5pointz 5-Pointz-16