Complex Magazines December/January issue has the Queen of NYC Nicki Minaj as its cover girl.
The cover shoot was shot by photographer Vijat Mohindra, And Editor Lauren Nostro conducted the interview with Minaj in Hollywood. The Head Barbz in charge talks about the connection between her album and Jay Z’s Classic 2002 The Blueprint, taking pride in her work, and refusing to suppress any of her sides, because at this stage in her career, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Jay Z’s The Blueprint inspired the title The Pinkprint and the idea of laying the blueprint for female rappers to come. What similarities do you see between you right now and Jay circa The Blueprint?

I can’t. I have no idea what he was doing before The Blueprint dropped. It’s not that literal. People keep asking me about Jay’s The Blueprint and they think I’m doing something like that. I made reference to The Blueprint because Jay is the biggest rapper of our time. The name of the album was inspired by Jay but not the body of work. I do think that it’s going to create new rules, though, in [the way] that [The Blueprint did].

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