After all his ranting, maybe Mr. West is finally getting what he wants. We just reported days ago Ye’s deal with Y-3  and now Retailer PacSun presents the look book for its exclusive 10-piece collection of Yeezus Tour merchandise.

Every city the Yeezus Tour has stopped in has been left with Pop Up Shops, and now fans that can’t attend the concert at least can have some memorabilia from it. The ten piece collection design is reminiscent of ’80s metal bands and consists of graphic T-shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, and bomber jackets. The collection is set to go on sale at PacSun starting at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving day. Kanye’s ties to PacSun are pretty strong since he’s close associates with Virgil Abloh who is behind the popular srtreet wear brand Been Trill.