Renaissance Man Pharrell and director Spike are teaming up on June 3rd, for the “Happy” singers Apollo debut.

The concert will be William’s first time performing as a solo artist at the legendary theater, Lee will handle the directing duties.This isn’t the producer/singer and directors first collaboration either, they also sat down for a conversation, last november they spoke about their journeys in the entertainment business on Pharrell’s Youtube channel ARST TLK. The concert will be the 14th installment of American Express Unstaged, a collaboration between YouTube and Vevo, with American Express serving as the main sponsor , in which performers and directors team up . Mr. Lee, who was Mr. Williams’s top and only choice, has worked in the series before. He was in the director’s chair when a concert by John Legend and the Roots was streamed from Terminal 5 in 2010, the year the series began.

“Pharrell and I have been friends for years,” Mr. Lee said in an interview, “and we’ve talked about working together, and now it’s coming to fruition and I’m happy about that – we both are. I’ve been going to the Apollo since I was 7 or 8 years old. I think it was a great choice by Pharrell to have his concert there. It’s one of the great places for music in the world, when you think of all the people who’ve come across the stage. And I hope people will watch, because Pharrell is a great, great talent. He’s been making great music for years, and some people know it and some didn’t, but now people can put the music with the face and the hat.”

The concert will be streamed live at 9 p.m. via amexunstaged.com, with a looped repeat. Vevo will make selections from the show available on its mobile app starting June 6. Viewers can also unlock backstage material through Twitter (the directions will be provided during the show), and will have a choice of camera angles.

Via: The New York Times