Ladies and Gentlemen the time has finally arrived! My film Five Dollars Or Less is available to be streamed right here on First Klass Breakfast!

I cannot thank my cast, crew, family, friends, and everyone who donated to this movie enough. It was a long journey to finish it, but I’m very proud of it and I hope you will be too! I decided to accompany the film premiere with a video, describing what making the movie was like, and answering some viewer questions! Enjoy!

Funded By Kickstarter and then filmed in 2015, Five Dollars Or Less is a short film written, directed by, and starring First Klass Breakfast’s own Sean P. Darr.

While struggling to decide whether or not to give up on his dream of stand up comedy, Sean discovers his bank accounts are all in the negative, and he must survive by using a loop hole in his bank’s rules.

A dark, but inspiring comedy about following your dreams. Five Dollars or Less is a movie about how the only thing that really matters in life, is having a direction to go in. Five Dollars or Less is inspired by dark comedies like Groundhog’s Day and Inside Llewlyn Davis.