This guy Ray J just won’t quit. After constantly reminding all of us at every moment he gets (especially Kanye) that he “Hit It First,” Willie Ray Norwood Jr AKA Brandy’s little brother is offering Kim the last four months’ profits he’s made from their infamous sex tape. A grand total of $47k.

The “Sexy Can I?” singer just can’t let go that him and Kim broke up almost a decade ago, and this stunt is another way of him keeping his relevance in the social media world any way he can. ‘Ye and Kim are set to tie the knot this Memorial Day weekend in Florence, Italy. Here’s the breakdown, according to TMZ:

January: $6,135.60
February: $20,097.31
March: $9,674.76
April: $10,931.52
TOTAL: $46,840.13