By far the talk of the entire weekend was Chris Rock’s eagerly anticipated opening monologue, where he fearlessly addressed the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, and while some felt he hit the nail on the head, others just weren’t feeling it.

While visiting 93.9 Fam in Washington DC, Rick Ross was asked about Rock’s monologue to which he says:

“Chris Rock, he a cornball. Let’s keep it real,” he said. “I ain’t even finna kick it with y’all like that. Chris Rock a cornball. And I’ma leave it right there. It wasn’t funny. Stop.” His sentiment was echoed by other people in the room. Ross added, “He ain’t the one, you dig. I’m not fan of his.”

Keep in mind though, that Ross may still have some animosity towards Chris from when he hosted the BET Awards and took aim at Ross. “Dre has Beats, Rick Ross has DiaBEATS,” he cracked during the show. Listen to Ross comment on the Oscars at the 12:30 mark below.