Legendary NY rapper N.O.R.E.’s #1 podcast ‘Drink Champs’, recently had Rick Ross as a guest and he had some choice words for Drake and his whole camp.

When asked about the Drake/Meek Mill battle he defend Meek in saying “Just on some G shit, we didn’t lose to nobody, y’all better study the game and how the game go”. N.O.R.E. suggested that they should squash the beef because their all rich. Rick Ross replied, “We’re all rich n***as, at least I know I’m rich. I know what Meek Mill is getting. I don’t know what their business is like. “I don’t know whats really touching the bank account…”. This could be a reference to the financial complaints of Cash Money artist about Birdman. The plot thickens…..

Click the link below to listen to the 30th episode of Drink Champs featuring Rick Ross.

Source: Drink Champs