Last night was day 2 of The COMPLEX show case in Austin,TX for SXSW music festival. The headliners for this night was TDE lyricist Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, the TDE team has been doing at least three shows a day for the world famous music festival. Soulo hit the stage first and did a medley of his hits from his two critically accailmed mix-tapes “Control System” and “Long term Mentality”. Right after Soul finished his set, the man of the hour entered, Groovy Q hit the stage and stated he would leave after three songs if the crowd didn’t get hype. Immediately after making that statement, the crowd goes into a frenzy as the open track “Gangsta” from his debut “Oxymoron” album comes blaring through the speakers. Schoolboy went through his long list of hits and interacted with the sxsw attendees, by the end of his set you can clearly see he was exhausted, he apologized and told the crowd he’s been doing three shows a day since Monday and has been on promo tour for the album since January. The crowd had no problem with it and continued to rap along to each track he performed.

Ab-Soul’s Set:

Schoolboy Q’s Set: