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Sense: The Sleep Tracker




After a short hiatus from reporting the latest and greatest tech gadgets I bring you an interesting find. This awkward looking object created by Hello is called Sense and it tracks your sleep. Now I’m sure you’re wondering as to how it can accomplish this, but a lot of R&D went into this nifty device.




According to their Kickstarter Page, this is what makes the Sense tick (See Right Picture). Powered by 4 printed circuit boards & sensors, it is surrounded by a  polycarbonate shell that is soft to the touch. 

The internals are very much protected by the structural design seems to be big step in sleep monitoring. As a personal user in Arduino & Rasberry Pi technology, there is a lot that came up from designing technological advances.

The interesting aspect of this, is the sensors. It includes an Ambient Light Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor &  Particulate Sensor. So it can monitor the levels of light in the room, detect temperature & humidity levels and spot potential sleep interrupters.



Sense has many interaction methods, which consist of WiFi, BLE (Bluetooth), a proximity  sensor & a microphone. There is an app also that allows you to track your sleep score as well as communicate with the Sense & the Sleep Pill.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as “perfect sleep” and we all suffer from lack of sleep some way or another. But this seems to truly aid in sleep deprivation.  I would love to pick up a $4000 number bed, but somehow I think my mattress isn’t the only component as to why I can’t stay asleep.

You can pledge on Kickstarter and receive your Sense by November 2014. You still have 28 days left to take part in an innovative design and health aid. Check out their Kickstarter to purchase or find more information: Sense: The Sleep Tracker