The Snoop D O Double G sat and talked with the folks at MASHABLE during the SXSW festival earlier this week to talk about how important of a platform the SXSW festival is for new up and coming artist. Originally SXSW was created to be a show case for new indie artist to perform and gain recognition but as of late many people have become critics of the festival saying it has gone commercial with all the sponsors and big acts like Lady GaGa, Jay Z, The Foo Fighters, Coldlay and Kanye West. In the interview Mashable asked Snoop Dogg about the evolution of SXSW from indie central into a bonanza for chart-topping artists:

I still feel like SXSW should still pay tribute to the artist who are independent and don’t have record deals because that’s what [the festival] was built on — it was built on those trying to become the next — but I do respect the fact that they are paying attention to the artists that are big and coming here, but remember those big artists were small once upon a time. … We respect those new, hungry artists because they keep us inspired to know that there’s somebody out there striving to become who we are. It takes us back to the days when we didn’t have record deals and we had to try and be seen and heard. … I love that this is a new artists’ scenario and that they get to bring their music and say, ‘Hey, Snoop, I rap, listen to this.’ After awhile you get tired of it, but you still love the spirit they have because I remember when I had that spirit.