On a beautiful day like this, more than likely you need a sonically escapable soundtrack to accompany it. Meet up and coming production duo NorthEast. Here’s what you should know:

NorthEast is a production duo, comprised of Norman Cacho & Evan Wimberly.

We use the name NorthEast to represent our region of American & more specifically our region of the Bronx.

Originally we started making films & doing photo shoots, then the musical project went on to become a soundtrack for the past 3 years of collective creative work Norman & I achieved.

The first installation “Given Sunday” is something we wanted to make simply because we wanted to make something like the stuff that inspires us; MF DOOM, Madlib, Dilla & old Pete Rock instrumental albums.

Ideally people should jam this while they’re cooking, or driving, getting dressed for work, or while they unwind from a long day.

Without further ado, have a listen to Given Sunday Vol. 1 below