One of the things many of us love about hip hop is its diversity. Although it is considered one genre of music, you can run through countless types of sounds, flows and influences. The art is truly one of expression and is a product of one’s struggles, surroundings, and culture.

It’s easy to argue that the underground world of hip hop is where you can find this expression in it’s rawest form. This is music before the millions of fans, before the money and the resources; it’s straight from within. Some of the artists prefer to fly under the major label radar, while others build an online empire until there are bidding wars for them to sign the dotted line. Some people catch on from the beginning while others tune in as these artists build momentum. Rappers like Nip$ey Hussle and Curren$y are two examples who prefer to keep “all money in” and remain independent.  While the likes of A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar grind their way to top dollar deals and joint ventures.

So, who are some new artists to look out for? Lets take a look at a few.

Sir Michael Rocks


A lot of you might remember Mikey Rocks from the Cool Kids but few know about his run as a solo artist. Sir Michael kept his witty and colorful track presence that you may remember but his personality shines through a bit more. He’s dropped a few tapes in the last couple of years such as Lap of Lux and Premier Politics. His content is pretty consistent and he’s slowly but surely building his brand.

Robb Bank$


Hailing from Florida, Robb Bank$ is unique to say the least. His style might bring a few things to mind. A lot of his verses might bring you back to childhood as he loves to reference Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and plenty of other Anime shows you may or may not have been a fan of. But don’t let that fool you, he definitely has some witty lines and doesn’t seem to be afraid to say anything.  His beat selection ranges from dark and eerie to hype and energetic.

Oh, and Shaggy is his father. Yes, “It wasn’t me”!

Lil Herb


Let’s take it to Chicago. I know now a days when we hear Chicago we might instantly think Chief Keef and the drill music scene. Now I won’t lie to you, Lil Herb fits into the drill category BUT lyrically, he without a doubt turns it up a notch compared to some of his counterparts. If you’re a fan of flow and delivery some of Herb’s rhyme patterns might catch you and if you listen carefully you may learn about whats going on in Chi-Town. He’s a step up from the animated gun sounds we’re used to with the young Chicago spitters. On the other hand, if you get tired of the gun talk quickly, he might not fit into too many of your playlists. Either way, there’s no denying this 19-year-old has talent.



Some of you might recognize the name from his features on some of A$AP Mob’s music. This kid embodies the 90’s east coast vibe. From his Polo gear and jordans to his low-key yet gritty sound. He’s been on the scene for a while. His crew Heir Gang includes other artists like RetcH and $ha Hef. Some complain that Da$h isn’t consistent but although you can hear the street influence, Da$h just isn’t afraid to tip the scale a bit more on the creative side sometimes.

These are only a few of the countless underground artists making a name for themselves. If you haven’t already found a rapper to rock with, don’t be afraid of the YouTube sidebar, one of those randoms could be your new favorite.