As reported by NY Daily News Harrison Ford aka Han Solo hurt his leg on the Star Wars: Episode VII set.

Well the news is worse than expected The 71 year old Ford completely broke his leg. And that can absolutely hold up production of the film.

A quote from the Jedi News, yes I said Jedi News, it actually exists:

We’re hearing via a number of sources that production on Episode VII could be delayed due to the severe nature of Harrison Ford’s leg injury.

We understand a meeting was called this morning at Pinewood to discuss the situation, but the early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time.

This is a huge problem because Disney wants this movie out by Christmas of 2015 without question and the rumors are they are willing to write Ford completely out of the film to do it (Ouch).
Next scenario is they could just get a body double and CGI fords face on to the the doubles head. I mean with all the new technology in film now, this isn’t a far fetched idea at all right?

Or they can just delay film and wait for Harrison to get well. That slow production on the other films as well but what is Star Wars with out Han Solo?! Ford who is known to be as tough as they get will have a speedy recovery I’m sure and be back to saving the galaxy in no time. We’ll keep you guys posted on any new updates on the film and Ford’s health.