While promoting their new studio album Filthy America… It’s Beautiful last month a Vlad TV interview with The Lox recently surfaced of them discussing the new wave of rappers and whats their take on the change rap music is taking.
Surprisingly they aren’t mad at the young rappers like some of the other elder statesmen in rap are. When asked about the Lil Uzi’s and Lil Yachty’s of the world Styles went on to say “why would I be mad at a young black man getting money?” They also let it be known they might not play them in their cars but that their kids like them and that older rappers need to respect and support the youth and vice versa for the young rappers. They named DonQ, Dave East and Young MA as some of the young rappers they are feeling.

Things shifted once they were asked about their thoughts on ghost writing:

“With guys like Diddy, it’s ok,” said Louch. Styles P followed with, “If you claim it [using a ghostwriter], that’s ok. A MC can’t do that. A true MC cannot do that in no way, shape, or form. An entertainer or producer can.”

Jadakiss randomly chiming as well while rolling a blunt stating you can’t boast about being the best rapper alive and you not writing your own raps.

Louch and Styles did let it be known they weren’t dissing Drizzy though, and went on to praised Drake’s abilities as an entertainer but both said they couldn’t put him in the conversation with Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole as one of Hip Hop’s top acts after the Quentin Miller reference tracks were leaked. The same was said for Kanye’s claims of being the best in the world, but Styles and Sheek both agreed that the Chicago superstar could possibly claim to be the best entertainer but not the best rapper.

Check out the clip above.