Even in the year of Pharrell, he too can face controversy. Soon after he showed us his new album cover, the web was quick to point the finger in shame for him not having any black women on the cover. Some even going as far as to say they won’t be giving the album a chance after this “disrespect.” Well the man himself heard the allegations loud and clear, and called up Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, to clear the air once and for all. Turns out, there IS a black girl on the cover.

What really disappointed me is they jumped the gun, because the one I’m standing closest to is black. She’s a black girl from Wisconsin that I used to date over ten years ago. Maybe twelve years ago. That just must suck man for people to look at something and to assume they know what’s going on. If they just bothered to listen to my album, they would know that my album was an ode to women, period. And the one thing that’s I’m trying to kill…well I can’t kill anything…but the one thing I was trying to aid in changing the crazy statuesque standard of you gotta be white, waif, and thin for you to be beautiful.

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Well there you have it. From the very beginning I thought this whole thing was ridiculous, but there’s your seal of approval. Why as a race do we have to feel so obligated even down to where we aren’t willing to give something a chance because of an idiotic assumption? Now that it turns out the woman is black, what are they gonna say now?