In this day in age of technology where size matters, bigger means professional. What if those same features can be found in a pocket size form? Since the initial release of the Canon G1 in 2000, the Powershot series has been the alternative to DSLR Canon shooters. With it’s advanced features and high end quality, it is the perfect transition from Consumer to Prosumer.

Now Canon is set to release the new Canon G16 with some awesome new features. Physically looking similar to it’s predecessor, the G16 will run a new DIGIC 6 image processor which will mean better IQ. While the megapixels stay the same at 12.1mp (sorry pixel peepers), it gains built-in WiFi. You can now upload to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Flickr on the fly. It also works with iOS & Android devices that can upload images via the free Canon CameraWindow app. So you will never miss an opportunity to send shots to a client or upload pictures to your blog right away.

Another cool feature is “Hybrid Auto” which records up to 4 seconds of video every time you shoot a still image. It then automatically joins the clips and pictures into a video so you never miss a moment. The new additions to this device will have you smiling from ear to ear and make your workflow easier. The price point may chase new comers away (Estimated Price $549.99) but those who are familiar with the Canon Powershot G line will be satisfied with the new added features. It is now available for Pre-Order at most photography retailers including Canon USA: Canon PowerShot G16

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to test this product but I’m hoping to take it for a spin and give a full review on my experience.