Reporter Toure stopped by the Breakfast Club last week to promote his new podcast.During the interview he spoke on his infamous interviews with R.Kelly, Jay-Z, His career in journalism, working at Arista records, the #METOO movement, Aziz Ansari, Trump, Oprah running for President in 2020 and more. Things went left when the subject went to the allegations against mogul Russell Simmons. While everyone looked shocked when Toure took a strong stance that he felt Uncle Russ was guilty of all the allegations, he doubled down and said his “legacy was over, he is a mass rapist, he is a MONSTER!” Now obviously these are hard pills to shallow since Russ is such a beloved figure in pop culture, but Toure feels the women that are coming forward two of them he knows personally, are of great character and wouldn’t just make these things up. Of course many people were not happy to hear these quotes especially world famous Dj Kid Capri. Capri who was the long time DJ for Russell’s Def Comedy Jam comedy series on HBO, took to social media to say:

“Yo Toure, you gotta watch what you say out your mouth,,, that talk about Russell on breakfast club, I did not like and i feel some kind of way,, you need to apologize, i’ll leave I there.”

Now I doubt Toure will apologize but do you think he was wrong for his strong statements or was he just speaking the truth? Charlemagne asked him “What about not guilty until proven innocent?” And Toure asked what more proof do you really need?