If you’ve been keeping up with The Joe Budden Podcast, then you’ve heard Budden’s son, Trey Budden, has been recording music as therapy to work through all the issues with his father over the years.If you’re familiar with Joe’s ‘Mood Muzik’ series then you know, the father he is today is a long way from the father he used to be. Thankfully, time (does its best) to heal wounds, and they’ve been working on repairing their relationship.

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Trey has decided to turn to music as his therapy airing out his past feelings with his dad on wax. And after taking his time on perfecting the record, “Thoughts After the Courtroom” has been released. Surprisingly the young Budden did well on the track and we might have a new emcee in the rap game.

“This song took a long time for me to work on because I wanted it to be perfect, this is something that kind of hits close to home and we wanted to portray every emotion throughout the song,” Trey said on Instagram. “Currently, I have no beef with my dad and I love him but these are my thoughts from remembering what happened at the time and how unhealthy our father-son relationship was.”