Vince Staples is tired of haters taking shit, and wants you to either pay up or shut up.

The Long Beach MC responds to recent criticism following his national co-headlining tour with Tyler, the Creator. Which led  Staples to launch a campaign on Wednesday, titled #GTFOMD, or Get The Fuck Off My Dick. In his GoFundMe video, Staples inspires his biggest critics to put their money where their mouth is: He will shut up forever for $2 million. He says in the video:

“Hey everybody, my name is Vince.

First and foremost I hope you’re having a great day, I really do. Second, we’ve got a lot of complaints about our recent show performances, energy on stage, production choice; I think one person said ‘it sounds like we’re rapping on robot video game beats.’ We would like to apologize for that.

Secondary, well this is tertiary I guess, we would like to give you an alternative. On you can decide to donate to the cause of $2 million dollars, which will allow me to shut the fuck up forever and you will never hear from me again. No songs, no interviews, no anything. If not, you can choose to let me do what the fuck I want to do, when I want to do it. Get off of my dick, or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours. Either way we appreciate you.”

Staples isn’t new to criticism, and really doesn’t care what critics have to say, but this brilliant video puts Staples charisma and hilarious personality on full display. Launching a GoFundMe campaign to get people to pay him to shut up forever is a perfect example of his dry wit. Check out his GoFundMe page here.