Wale takes us through a timeline of black love in his new music video for the Jacquees-assisted song “Black Bonnie” released today (July 31).
In the Yasha Gruben-directed visual, the DMV native tells the story of a romance that reincarnates itself across time. In the first act, Folarin is a Black Panther protecting his lady amid protests and F.B.I. raids. His opening verse depicts a relationship built around revolution and riches that name-drops the sitting president.

“Let’s go to Neiman’s, let’s go to Lenox/Spend a whole check and run a play to get the next one/Let’s create the vibe, let’s not take our time/Let’s spray paint the Trump Towers, letters U and I/It’s you and I ’til it’s suicide/Or ’til the cracker pull us over, ain’t no one around, bang/We woke, shawty, protest and party/I know you love nostalgia, I got you Barney’s,” he raps.

As the song goes on, the couple reunites in different time periods ancient Africa, the 90’s and closes in modern day France. The song comes from Wale’s March EP It’s Complicated, his second to last release before signing to Warner Bros. He also dropped the Self Promotion EP on May 7 and appeared on Jacquees’ April EP This Time I’m Serious. Watch below.